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Reviews & Awards

Hi-Fi Choice Editor's Choice Award for the CORINIUM

Hi-Fi Choice
April 2024
Editor’s Choice Award
Reviewer: Nick Tate
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“This is the best Acoustic Energy speaker I’ve heard, and that includes the legendary AE1 from back in the eighties. It offers excellent performance at the price and is a massive upgrade over the company’s previous ‘flagship’ floorstander, the AE520. The latter is almost half the price, but the Corinium is more than twice as good.

Stereonet Product of the Year 2024

January 2024
Product of the Year Award
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“Going up a size, to enter the ‘affordable high end’ loudspeaker market was without doubt a gamble for Acoustic Energy, which has of late focused on less expensive designs. On the face of it the new Corinium is basically an upscaled 520 floorstander, but look closer and you’ll see a host of improvements and refinements that ratchet up the performance dramatically. Artfully designed and beautifully constructed, the result is a very powerful but subtle performer that is highly musically enjoyable yet super-refined. A real class act, right now this is near-impossible to beat at the price.

The Ear - 5 Stars for Corinium
February 2024
5 Stars
Reviewer: Jason Kennedy
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“The combination of speed, power handling and transparency to detail is intoxicating with a good piece of music and really engages the senses in a way that more laid back speakers cannot.”

“I got some exhilarating results with these speakers, they consistently managed to dig deep into each piece played and brought out the power, the emotion and the scale of each.”

AVForums Best Buy (Corinium)

April 2024
Reviewer: Ed Selley
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“For me, the truly immersive quality of music is rhythm. I can be sucked in by lyrics and instrumental skill but, when all is said and done, it’s the beat that matters. The Corinium is a metre tall bright green love letter to people who think like me.” 

Diapason d'Or award for Corinium

Diapason d’Or
March 2024
Reviewer: Vincent Cousin
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“If you want to play the piano-cello duet at concert level without compression, this power is required without delay. Thus managed, the Corinium demonstrate a real foundation and with a dazzling attack. These are speakers hyper neutral, with a tendency monitor, without coloring, also able to draw a space grandiose sound, as breathable as the taker of his wanted it, no more and, above all, no less.


Gedeon Audio
May 2024
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“The presence experience is absolutely top-class, emotional and intimate, but with market-leading control and detail.”

Analogholic Review the Acoustic Energy Corinium

April 2024
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“If you are looking for speakers in this price range or maybe even under 10,000 USD and you want to experience the dynamics, the power of live music with all the resolution the best recordings have to offer then you should seriously consider the Corinium.”

Audio & Vision online Hungary

Audio & Vision Online
March 2024
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• A warm-toned, bass-rich, lively and natural performance
• It bears all the character of its manufacturer, but is clearly already at the top of level of the audiophile region
• He does not choose between musical genres, he touches everything enthusiastically and unflinchingly
• Softly, at room volume or loud, this speaker provides a sense of presence at all levels
• Very carefully designed, rigid and stable construction, with excellent use of materials 5 star review for the Corinium
January 2024
5 Stars
Reviewer: Harro Tillema
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“Acoustic Energy has introduced a beautifully finished floorstander with its new Corinium speakers. The limited edition in British Racing Green metallic in combination with the black front, base and drivers visually leaves us with a stately impression.” 

“An attempt has been made to create new standards in the areas of sound quality, design and price-performance ratio. Let us already reveal that we believe that the manufacturer has succeeded in its aim here with distinction.”

“Despite the spatial representation and the multitude of instruments, we do not experience a confusing scene, but rather a high degree of order and realism.”

“With this pricing, Acoustic Energy puts their new Corinium speakers on a very interesting price point, and they will be a formidable competitor to the competition in this price class.”

Stereonet Applause Award for teh Acoustic Energy Corinium Loudspeaker

November 2023
Applause Award
Reviewer: David Price
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“This is one seriously special-sounding loudspeaker.”

“There’s no banging, booming or thrumming from that big cabinet; instead, this speaker sounds as tight and together as the classic AE1 standmounter ever did.”

“Allied to the Corinium’s smooth treble, velvety midband, and grippy bass is the ability to reproduce a stereo soundstage with superlative accuracy. It images brilliantly”

“This superb new loudspeaker is not only Acoustic Energy’s finest-ever design, in my view, but also one of the best mid-price bargains on the market right now.”
AV Mentor Logo

AV Mentor 
February 2024
Full Review

“The overall character of the speaker is impeccably designed. Fast and full in the lows, balanced and at the right distance from the listener in the mid-range and appropriately gentle in the highs, it created – with impressive comfort – a restful feeling of fullness. The speaker seems capable of playing everything, forgiving a slightly projective program and displaying all the niceties of a careful production. You can’t ask for much more…”